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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Go Broncos, Go Broncos, Go Broncos - YEAH!

The Holidays are over and Boise kicks off 2007 with a heart-thumping Fiesta Bowl win by the Boise State Broncos!!!!!!! This town is crazy happy and Boise is all over the national news. Go Broncos, Go Boise!

No film or feature about Boise would be complete without including the Boise State Broncos and I have a special spot for them in my documentary. There is a photo of the team running out of the tunnel, the sound track for the image is thundering applause. Perfect!

Happy 2007!
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Friday, November 03, 2006

Whole Foods is Coming, Whole Foods is Coming, Whole Foods is....

I'm hungry already.

Whole Foods is opening a store in Boise, their first in Idaho.
I love, I love it and I can't wait! Feb'09 is the goal.
Our local food co-op is not excited, but I'm not worried about them at all.
Idaho will learn to adjust to competition.

Also new in the past month, Levi's opened their store in BODO, which is another plus for Boise. I think they have the best windows in Boise, I really thought I was in another city when I saw them.
Also a locally owned shop - Fancy Pants just opened dowtown and it is GORGEOUS! I was very impressed with the decor and the style of clothes offered.

Boise's going to be very well dressed and well fed. I LOVE IT!

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Film Studio Stimulates Proposed New Community

There's a great story on KTVB Channel 7 about a proposed community that would establish Boise's first large film studio.

Idaho Studios at Bryan's Run would feature a 40-acre movie studio complex that includes a 15,000 foot sound stage.
Additional features of the community include 375 residential units, a hotel and other ammenities.


Sounds great to me!

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Calling all Big-Hearted SmartyPants: Volunteer for Boise's International Economic Summit

Following is a chance for Boise's Big Brains to show off your big hearts....

From Justin Larson, Operations Manager, Idaho Council on Economic Education:

The International Economic Summit is a global trade simulation program for high school students that gives a hands-on perspective to global economics, trade, and resources.
Each team of five students studies a county, learns about the economic status and problems, and prepares to come to a "summit" event to create trade alliances and make effective exchanges of resources to improve the status of their country. These occur across the state each semester, we are sponsoring two in the Treasure Valley (Boise State and Nampa) and are currently recruiting adult volunteers for either or both to particiapte in the following roles:

USA Team: This team of 4-5 adults plays the role of the United States in the afternoon portion of the game. Volunteers need to be there from noon to 3:30 p.m.

World Bank: This group of 8-10 adults handles currency exchanges, formalizes loans, collects tariffs and the like. Volunteers need to be there from noon to 3:00 p.m.

Summit Scorekeepers: This is a more involved role. Each scorekeeper monitors 4-5 student country teams and tracks their scores. Scorekeepers will award points for table displays and costumes, as well as recording team transactions (loans, tariffs, contracts, trades, internal improvements, and foreign aid). These volunteers need to be at the Summit from 7:45 am until 3:00 p.m. (lunch is provided).

This is a great program that was created here in Boise and is now being marketed across the country and abroad. Our volunteers last semester included: Idaho Banking Company, Debt Reduction Services, Wells Fargo, Micron, US Bank, Atlas Frontiers, and Holland Hart.

If this sounds like something in which you or someone else you know would be interested, please let me know. I need to recruit volunteers for both events
(Nampa - Nov. 29; BSU - Dec. 7).

Justin Larson
Operations Manager
Idaho Council on Economic Education
Voice: 208.426.1193
Fax: 208.426.2233

Friday, October 13, 2006

Boise Goes Round and Round

For the past few years, talk in Boise has been about who's moving in.

Now there's a shift.
In the past week alone, three of Boise's most talented locals have told me they are moving out(to San Diego, Chicago, NY).
Actually 'locals' is too sublte a word. These are people who help define Boise, and they are being physically torn from this town while their hearts and souls definitely remain here. All claim the moves are temporary and have set a return clock.

What's going on?

Economics are driving these departures, as Boise faces the challenge of growing into a creative city that can support broad jobs and opportunites for the increasing numbers of creative people that are moving here.

But I also think that it's the nature of creative industries that there is some circulation. While I will definitely miss these Boise characters, it's not all bad news. Spending time in other enviroments can be a wise move, and allow the travelers to add skills (and cash) they can bring back home.

Can any city really support 100% of it's inhabitants through all their life and work cycles? I don't think so.
But does that mean creative people live out of a suitcase, always hovering where their next project takes them.....and making the fundamentals of life (mortgages, schools for the kids, etc.) tricky?
And can a city environment and all that entails (funding, commissions, zoning), that is structured for a predictible population respond to a population that circulates?

Well Boise is living this now. And the ultimate questions is: What's Next?

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blue, Orange and Breathless

I'm a day late on my post, and checking in just for a moment.
You see, I'm Blue, Orange and Breathless.
Blue and Orange, head to toe, to celebrate the Boise Bronco's Homecoming weekend.
Breathless, cause, well Boise's pretty busy these days.

Will post more on Friday.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

New Interview in Thrive Weekly

Thrive, a weekly newspaper that is the source for all things local, celebrates Idaho's growing film industry with the 9/25/06 "Film Issue."

There are a number of interviews, including yours truly. And it seems a lot of people read Thrive, because I've been getting plenty of feedback from this excellent article.
Big Thanks to the folks at Thrive for doing a great job with the article!

Link to my interview:

See you at the Film Festival,
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Friday, September 22, 2006

Countdown to Spin (my latest favorite film) and......

My godson turned me on to this very cool (and award winning)short film "Spin" that I LOVE and have watched online about 30 times this past week.
Now I will get to see it on the big screen as the Idaho International Film Festival transforms Boise into a film lovers mecca starting Thursday 9/28. Award-winning films from all over the world, visiting filmmakers, parties, more parties, and free workshops to delight and inspire. Details are available at

My film debuted at the Idaho International Film Festival in 2005, and I also participated in a panel (Women in Film). I had a BLAST and recommend everyone go visit.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why you live in Boise - Send your stories to Richard Florida for his new book

I couldn't wait till Friday for this one:

Today's post on Richard Florida's creativity blog ( is a call for stories - about why you live where you live.

Richard is looking for stories to include in the book he is currently writing on how people's pick of where they live is the single most important decision they'll ever make.
I thought Boise should be appropriately represented, so plse pass along this message to all your friends.

His closing request: "Make 'em zing!"


The details on length, timing, etc. are all at Richard's blog - link listed above.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Put the car keys down - Boise gives you a great excuse to avoid the holiday interstate......
City Harvest: A Celebration of Local Arts and Food

On Saturday 9/2 from 9am to 10pm you can immerse yourself in local food (really, do I need to go on?), hang out with artists, and be dazzled by firedances.
Rest your tummy and tastebuds today. And get those hips ready to move - but no practicing with fire at home, that's for the pros.

For details vist the Boise City Arts Commission link:

Thank you Boise City Arts Commission for a great party!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Yes, You Can Shop in Boise

When I first moved to Boise I overworked my poor mailman.

My roots are in New York, where shopping is considered with the same level of devotion as eating and work. After the big move West I felt unsatisfied by my attempts at shopping in Boise, so I had NY delivered to me by a smiling but increasingly hunched over mailman. But all that is changing.

Fashion is primal, an element of culture that cannot be absent in a truly Creative City. Fashion is self-expression, armor, art, industry, diversity and velocity all rolled up into a gorgeous, perfectly sculpted shirt with significant trim and a collar that loves your face.
And so it is with pleasure that I realize fashion is yet another measure that Boise is changing, and that many layers are involved in this change - from independent store owners to big time mall shops.

One example is today's emergency excursion for OBEY T-shirts to help ease the trauma of my godson's return to school. I can find these propaganda t-shirts in at least 3 stores in town, each reflecting a different shade of Boise:
--the classic skater's shop (Newt & Harold's) near Boise State University
--downtown's hippest independent store (Funktion), in BODO, Boise's newest urban area
--even at the Mall, in the coolest clothing store there (Buckle)

And so my mailman gets a break.
But even better, I do, because I like shopping in Boise now.
And Boise gets to enjoy my money.

Perhaps the opportunity to buy t-shirts is a subtle shift in a city's culture, but, is it?

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Creativity Vitamins - A Daily Dose of Florida

It's summer (cough) in Boise (cough, cough).
The West is on fire and I'm inside till the smoke clears.

Luckily I'm getting my daily dose of creativity vitamins via a new blog by Richard Florida at

Through research and laser observations, Florida established the creative community as a sighnificant economic force, it's own "class," in his book The Rise of the Creative Class.
His subsequent book,
the Flight of the Creative Class, was a sober look at what America can and is losing.

The blog notes Richard is busy at work on his next book, due out in 2007. The book will explain how where you choose to live is the most important decision of your life. Cool.

In the meantime Richard has been posting every weekday and sharing plenty of links and articles and research reports from all over the globe on all things creative.
Everday is a new treat. I'm totally enjoying the blog Richard and his team created and encourage everyone to check it out.

Finally, something that got me off Gawker!

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Link up with more of Boise's Creative Hotspots

All over Boise creative communities are building and adding their influence to how this city is being shaped. Following are two sites that have been very friendly to my film series, yet they each have much more going on then just good taste - check them out:

The Linen District is the brainchild of David Hale. David has tremendous energy and style and combined these with his chops earned in Portand's real estate industry to create the world of "The Linen District" in downtown Boise. This formerly neglected section of town is increasingly coming alive by attracting very cool restaurants, entrepreneur sites, and design shops. If the streets could talk.....they would tell you that this is the next best part of town.

Nancy Napier is the Executive Director of the Global Business Consortium at Boise State University. While Nancy spends much of her time flying all over the world to work on interesting projects, back in Boise she spearheaded the Creative Economies project to promote local economic vitality through creativity. The site lists several of the conferences and guest speakers that have been part of this project so far. As the University continues to focus on creativity, I look forward to what research, relationships and surprises are ahead.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

bCreative in the News

Throughout May and June 2006, travelers flying Delta and United's western routes were treated to a special SkyWest Magazine section on Idaho that showed off this gorgeous place and interviewed creative people from all over the state. I was invited to discuss bCreative and SkyWest created an exciting article:

People sure love Idaho - I received responses from all over the western US: LA, Santa Fe, Montana, and of course the feedback in Idaho was very positive.
Thank you SkyWest!

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lunafest 2006

The Boise Co-op is bring Lunafest back to Boise on February 25th 2006.
See details at

Local women filmmakers who would like to submit their film to the Co-op for a possible showing during the one-day festival can drop their film off at the Co-op by
Monday 2/13, ATT: Jodi.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Episode 1 DVD Released!

For everyone who's been asking when you could have your own copy of bCreative Episode 1, the DVD's just been released.

The DVD is available for order at this E-store site:

An online Press Kit is available with plenty of free, fun downloads and images from the film:

The film will be shown at a number of events in 2006, check back for details.
Meanwhile, visit the E-store and order up a copy of this slice of the creative life in Boise.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Great New Article in Idaho Business Review

From the January 30, 2006 issue of Idaho Business Review:
"Film tells tale of Boise as a creative place" by Lora Volkert (pg. 4A).

Lora discusses bCreative: the goal of the film and it's value to Idaho, and mentions several of the people and places shown in the Technology, Talent and Tolerance montages. The article references Richard Florida's work on the Creative Class, as his theories are included in the documentary.
Also mentioned is the recent report from the Idaho Film Industry Task Force. The recommendations from this report will be presented during the 2006 Legislative session.
More news to come about "Film Day," the date is Feb. 14th.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Press Release


A New Documentary Series Explores Boise’s Creative Class, Episode 1 Now Available

Boise, ID – January 23, 2006

Featuring the natives, transplants, and boomerangs turning Boise, Idaho into a 21st century Boom- town, bCreative, a documentary series on Boise’s Creative Class, explores the cultural and economic velocity stimulated by the relationship between creative workers and Place.

Drawing raves from a diversity of audiences, bCreative provides businesses, cultural organizations, and individual participants the opportunity to easily present visual evidence of Boise’s creative and economic value to national funding organizations, corporate events, trade shows, or situations where Idaho is competing for creative class workers.

“From watching Madeline Behrendt’s bCreative, it certainly appears that Boise “has it going on!’”
- Rod Frantz, President, The Richard Florida Creativity Group

“There are deliberate reasons why Boise is on so many national top-ten lists for livability and doing business. (Behrendt) has skillfully illustrated our creative and pioneer spirit in this fast-paced, short documentary about the artists and organizations that give Boise it’s radiance and vitality.”
- Robyn Salathe, 2005 Chair, Boise City Arts Commission

bCreative premiered at the 2005 Idaho International Film Festival, opening the “Made in Idaho” screening. The 2005 Creative Economy Workshop sponsored by BSU and the Boise City Arts Commission Arts Advocates Holiday Convergence also screened Episode 1 at their events.

Episode 1: Boise Art Museum (BAM) Idaho Triennial is a fifteen-minute short that kicks off the documentary series. The opening introduces audiences to what makes Boise unique by traveling through the expanding technology, business and cultural communities. The middle of the film provides an inside glimpse into the art and artists celebrated in the most recent Boise Art Museum (BAM) Idaho Triennial exhibit, and the closing section presents a discussion about the challenges of growth in a creative city.

Crew credits include: Edited by Brad Kaup; Music and Sound Design by Art Hodge; Narrated by Rochelle Smith, and Written, Directed, and Produced by Madeline Behrendt. bCreative is presented by Idaho Women Filmmakers ( Episode 1 is now available for preorders through bCreative’s E-store at (, the DVD release date is early Feb. 2006. An electronic Press Kit is available at:

Episode 2 of bCreative is in development and will focus on the local real estate boom, including the emergence of developer David Hale’s Linen District. Future episodes will explore other Idaho industries, including Technology and Recreation.

bCreative is a must-see film that delivers a view of Boise previously only known to locals. Once you see this documentary, you’ll know why so many creative people are moving to Boise, Idaho.

Contact: Madeline Behrendt,
Executive Director, Idaho Women Filmmakers


Monday, December 12, 2005

Contact Information for Madeline

To contact Madeline by e-mail:

The BUZZ on bCreative Episode 1

The BUZZ on bCreative is growing, here's a sample of how audiences are connecting to this film:

"From watching Madeline Behrendt's bCreative, it certainly appears that Boise 'has it going on!'"

Rod Frantz
The Richard Florida Creativity Group

"Behrendt has captured the unique qualities of Boise from an important perspective. There are deliberate reasons why Boise is on so many national top-ten lists for livability and doing business. She has skillfully illustrated our creative and pioneer spirit in this fast-paced, short documentary about the artists and organizations that give Boise it's radiance and vitality."

Robyn Salathe
2005 Chair, Boise City Arts Commission

"Filmmaker Madeline Behrendt has captured the essence of Boise's Creative Class - their value to a community, the challenges, and the opportunities that lie ahead.
You'll discover a jumpstart of ideas for yourself and your community's economic and quality of life factors."

Representative Jana Kemp
Co-chair of the first ever Idaho Film Industry Task Force (2005)

"Creativity and innovation - in countries, communities, and organizations -- is crucial for long term competitiveness all over the world. Pioneering creativity, which is BEING a pioneer and DOING work that is pioneering is natural for the western US and that attitude will set us apart."

Nancy K. Napier, Ph.D.
Professor of International Business Development
Executive Director, Global Business Consortium
Boise State University

"Madeline Behrendt is at the heart of a growing nucleus of filmmakers living and working in Idaho. The first installment of her bCreative series of films expresses the significance of Boise's Creative Class on the community and makes it clear why Idaho's captitol has landed on so many top-ten lists as one of the best places in the country to live and work. I look forward to the next film in the series and the continued growth of filmmaking in Idaho."

Peg Owens
Idaho Film Bureau

"Behrendt brings a mandarin style of filmmaking to her documentary bCreative. She demonstrates how cities such as Boise can create more liveable and viable communitites by creating opportunities and relationships among artists, art appreciators and art patrons.

Behrendt skillfully examines these individual relationships and more importantly, the overall instrumental value that collectively defines and shapes our community."

Tim Close
Executive Director
Boise Art Museum

More comments to be posted soon,

Monday, November 14, 2005

"bCreative" - December 2005 Screenings

bCreative: Episode 1 has been invited to screen at two events in December:

1) Pioneering Creativity: From Imagination to Application workshop
Presented by the Creative Economy Workshop series and BSU

Friday 12/2 One Day seminar, a clip from my film will screen at the event.
For more information on fee and location:

2) Arts Advocates Holiday Convergence
Presented by the Boise City Arts Commission (BCAC)

Monday 12/5 from 5:30 to 7:30pm, open event, all Arts Advocates welcome!
Location: Boise Art Museum
Episode 1 (all 15 minutes) will screen, somewhere between 6 and 6:30pm.

I'll be at both events to discuss Episode 1 and preproduction on Episode 2, see you there!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Film Series on Creative Boise - PreProduction on Episode 2

How do creative people live? How do they feed their souls, fill their wallet?

Where do creative people live?
What is the connection between where people live and what they create?

I know there is something magical about this Place, Boise.
Natives are staying home, transplants are moving home, and people who could live anywhere are moving here.
This diversity of experiences and cultures, mixed with a shared passion for Idaho's landscape, is stimulating independent and talented people to create new stories, new lives for themselves. There's a lot going on.

I'm bringing Boise's stories to a documentary film series and Episode 2 is in Preproduction. Tell me what you are doing, I want to hear your stories.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

bCreative Update

More news for fans of bCreative:

The screenings at the Idaho International Film Festival went well, it was fun for everyone in it to see themselves up on the big screen.

From that event, I received several more invitations to screen the film in Boise, I'll post the news as soon as the dates/times are confirmed.

I'll also announce when the DVD's of Episode 1 will be available, and where you can find them around town.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the screenings at IIFF, you were a great audience!

Friday, September 23, 2005

September Film Industry Events

There are two big Idaho Film Industry events the week of 9/26, both are open to the public:

---Idaho Film Industry Task Force, Thursday 9/29
This is the latest in the series of Task Force meetings, and the last scheduled
for Boise. Details can be found at:

---Idaho International Film Festival 9/29- 10/2
This is the 3rd year of the Festival bringing really cool films to Boise, as well
as featuring work by local filmmakers. For schedule and film details visit:

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"bCreative" screening at the 2005 Idaho International Film Festival

Dear Film Lovers,

I'm pleased to announce that "bCreative" will screen at the 2005 Idaho International Film Festival in downtown Boise.

"bCreative" will lead off the "Made in Idaho: A Panorama of Local Shorts" screenings.

-Saturday Oct. 1 at 7pm. (The Flicks)

-Sunday Oct.2 at 12pm. (The Egyptian)

As a local filmmaker, I am thrilled to introduce a series on Boise's Creative Class with this fifteen minute documentary as Episode 1. This short film features artists from the 2004 Boise Art Museum (BAM) Idaho Triennial, as well as other members of Boise's Creative Class.

Nurtured by Idaho's landscape and culture of independence, the connection of locals, transplants, and boomerangs to western textures and values shapes Boise’s creativity and productivity, from technology to art.

Writer, Director, Producer: Madeline Behrendt
As Executive Director of Idaho Women Filmmakers, Behrendt is active in developing production opportunities and events that help build Idaho's growing film industry. As film is a part of the local creative economy, Behrendt is also active in the Creative Cities workshops organized by B.S.U. and the Boise City Arts Commission (BCAC). Prior to working in film Behrendt has worked in other creative industries, including 9+ years at Polo/Ralph Lauren, rising to the position of Senior Director of Men's Design Operations.
Previous activites include:
-Women Filmmakers panel member during the 2005 Idaho International Film Festival
-"Silver Screen Struggle," writer of the September 2005 Idaho Magazine cover story about Idaho's growing film industry
-Working on both the Vision and the Competitive Packages subcommittees for the Idaho Film Industry Task Force
-Working with the Boise Co-op to organize a contest for local women filmmakers as part of the Boise Lunafest festival.
-News about Behrendt's film activites has appeared in the Idaho Statesman, The Idaho Press Tribune, Idaho Magazine, The Boise Weekly and Thrive.

Editor: Brad Kaup
From documentary films to commercials to corporate videos, editor Brad Kaup works to build the moments that best capture a subject's story and engage the audience.
Brad edited the documentary film Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey(2000) which includes Bruce Lee's exclusive, never before seen footage, and has worked as an editor at North By Northwest (NXNW) in Boise since 1998.

Music and Sound Design: Art Hodge
Art is a Grammy Award-winning producer (Santana's Supernatural) whose music is featured in film (Fight Club), TV (MTV Road Rules), Internet (Amazon Theater), and commercials (Nike, Gap, Toyota). He also teaches music production at Boise State University and hosts a KBSU radio show.

Narration: Rochelle Smith
Singer/Songwriter Rochelle Smith regularly performs at the local events that anchor Idaho's cultural soul, including Art inthe Park and the Hyde Park Street Fair. Her backing vocals are featured on albums by local artists such as Steve Fulton. Rochelle is also a radio announcer for 94.9 "The River" with a weekday show from 10am to 3pm.

Postcard Design: Wendy Fox

Still Photography images contributed by Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau, Boise State University, Chad Boutin, Capitol Photo, Lori Dagley, The Fancy Lads, Bob Neal, and Ben Shedd/Discovery Center of Idaho.

Any questions, comments, feel free to contact me:

Hope to see you all at the screenings!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Idaho Magazine Cover Story on Idaho's Film Industry (Sept Issue)

Be sure to check out the September issue of Idaho Magazine for "Silver Screen Struggle" about Idaho's growing film production industry.
I was honored to write the story, thanks to everyone who participated in the interviews.
The issue is easy to spot -look for the Fancy Lads on the cover.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Idaho Film Task Force - 1st Meeting 6/3/05

The first meeting of the newly formed Idaho Film Task Force was held in downtown Boise on Friday, June 3rd.
The meeting was well-attended by a diversity of interests including legislators, filmmakers, media, and the business community. Rep. Jana Kemp and Ben Shedd are co-chairs of the Task Force and ran the event smoothly.

The Idaho Statesman did a great article on the meeting:

I signed up to work on 2 exciting subcommittees: Vision, and Competitive Packages.

More comments to come....

Friday, June 03, 2005

New Documentary on Boise's Creative Class

Since end April I've been immersed in producing a short documentary about Boise's Creative Class which features the artists of the 2004 BAM Idaho Triennial.
Putting together a film about creative people is about as much fun as it sounds - I LOVE it.

You can look for the film at local film festivals this fall.

The Idaho Press Tribune had a cool article on the making of the film, enjoy!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Call for Entries - Idaho International Film Festival

This year the Idaho International Film Festival will run from 9/29/05 to 10/02/05 in downtown Boise.
For the first time, the Festival will have a special segment devoted to "Idaho Women Filmmakers."

For all women filmmakers who would like to submit a film, the final submission date is July 30th, and there is no fee. Other details are listed below. I will be organizing the Idaho Women Filmmakers segment, feel free to contact me for any questions/comments at:

Following is the official announcement:

The Idaho International Film Festival is now accepting submissions for the 2005 festival which runs from September 29th to October 2 at the Egyptian, The Flicks, and the Boise Center on the Grove.

The submission deadline is 7-30-05.

No submision fee is required to submit your film or video work, however preference will be given to material that has not screened in Idaho prior to 9/29/05.

Please send all VHS and DVD submissions (with the associated publicity and press materials, and full contact information) to:

Idaho International Film Festival
c/o KNIN Television Programming
816 W. Bannock #402
Boise, Idaho 83702

We look forward to seeing your work.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Thank You Marcia Franklin!

A BIG thank you to Marcia Franklin for a great presentation last night!

I especially loved all the filmmaker tips Marcia added to her presentation, we were able to get a sense of what it was like to try and create this excellent documentary.

Another round of thanks goes out to the audience. The discussion that was generated from your questions was brain-tingling!

And a final thanks goes out to the Flipside Cafe, for creating such a great environment, a new "Third Place."

All in all, a great night.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Idaho Women Filmmakers Presents an Evening with Marcia Franklin on Tuesday 4/12

Idaho Women Filmmakers invite you to a special presentation by award winning PBS Host and Producer Marcia Franklin:

"It's been branded part of the "Axis of Evil," but what is everyday Iran really like?"

Join us at the Flipside Cafe as "Idaho Public Television producer and host Marcia Franklin recounts her October 2003 trip to Iran. Franklin produced, shot and edited an hour-long documentary, which is now airing on PBS stations around the country. The theme of her program was the small but vibrant environmental movement in Iran, but while there she was also able to talk with Nobel Peace Prize winner Shiri Ebadi."

Marcia Franklin has been a producer and host at Idaho Public Television since 1990. Franklin is currently the host of "Dialogue," a statewide call-in program and a producer for "Outdoor Idaho," a statewide documentary series. Her programs have won numerous awards,including a regional Emmy and a George Foster Peabody award.

Event details:
Tuesday, April 12, 2005 at 6: 30 p.m. This event is free and everyone is welcome. For more event details about the Flipside Cafe, visit:

The Flipside Cafe is the new home of the Idaho Women Filmmakers, and is located across from the Boise Co-op. This is the first of our "special guest" series. We aim to create regular events that can engage Boise's growing film community and invite the public to experience an insiders view of the filmmakers journey. And of course, we will show great films by local filmmakers. Check this site often for announcements.